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Safety in numbers . . . of species

[Hot off the presses, from Eurekalert. Also covered in Science Daily and various other venues. ] Will loss of plant diversity compromise Earth’s life-support systems? Meta-analysis and reflections on two decades of biodiversity research provide some answers and reveal new … Continue reading

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The future of marine fish

[This article was an invited piece for the American Institute of Biological Sciences’ Action Bioscience online site. I had occasion to mull its content afresh recently after a visit to the University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Centre, whose “Sea Around … Continue reading

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What could be worse than the global financial meltdown?

And you thought the mortgage crisis was bad . . . Even as people the world over perch on the edge of their chairs, chewing their fingernails in barely contained panic at the global financial meltdown, the BBC reports that … Continue reading

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Declining ocean health: It’s the economy, stupid

I know, I used the same subtitle for another recent post.  But I’m not recycling titles out of laziness — well, not entirely anyway. I do so here to highlight the simple, yet perversely (and perhaps intentionally) misunderstood theme whose centrality … Continue reading

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Can we afford to save the world?

The environmental problems the world faces are daunting.  One often hears that the economic costs involved in resource conservation, reforestation, transition to a new energy regime, and so forth are so high that solving them is simply too expensive. But this … Continue reading

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