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Nature is hiring

Tweet [Editor’s note: Following is Paul Hawken‘s recent commencement speech to the graduating class of the University of Portland. It is so inspiring, so filled with poetry and wisdom, and so dead on the mark that I feel compelled to … Continue reading

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I have a dream

Tweet It’s as predictable as the seasons — every year, when I hear the excerpts from Martin Luther King’s historic speech on the radio at this time of year, it brings tears to my eyes.  I just watched the speech … Continue reading

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The silent world

Tweet A few months ago I happened to pick up a copy of Jacques Cousteau’s classic first book, The Silent World, less from a burning desire to read it than for the mysterious and evocative cover photo, and out of … Continue reading

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Herbert S. Zim: Natural Patriot

Tweet Over the last few weeks, while piddling around the project site (i.e., yard), pulling weeds, attempting to ferret out the invaders from the natives, puzzling over bugs, and pondering where I might site a small pond (and how to … Continue reading

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The man who changed the world

Tweet 199 years ago on this day, the 12th of February 1809, a child was born in the town of Shropshire in the West English midlands, and grew up to change the world. Charles Darwin spent a unique life studying nature, with … Continue reading

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49 people who could save the planet

Tweet The list (of 50) is out at the Guardian.  There are a number of obvious choices (Al Gore, Wangari Maathai), a few oddballs (Cormac McCarthy? Say what? Leonardo di Caprio? Honestly.), and various ordinary and a few extraordinary unknown … Continue reading

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