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How not to end world hunger

Tweet Food prices are rising. Again. And the scramble is on to figure out who to blame: climate change?  Biofuels? Good old capitalist greed? Just this morning the New York Times published a discussion panel on the issue: “Is the … Continue reading

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Who pays for overfishing? Poor people in Africa (and elsewhere)

Tweet [Based in part on my evaluation for the Faculty of 1000, accessible only by subscription I’m afraid] The pervasive detrimental impacts of overfishing on marine life and ecosystems have been widely publicized in recent years, ratcheting up calls for … Continue reading

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The future of marine fish

Tweet [This article was an invited piece for the American Institute of Biological Sciences’ Action Bioscience online site. I had occasion to mull its content afresh recently after a visit to the University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Centre, whose “Sea … Continue reading

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Death and taxes . . . and reincarnation

Tweet Recently I got an uncharacteristic surge of organizational momentum, girded my loins, donned my battle gear,  and dove into the swamp of my home office filing system.  Many of you will appreciate from your own experience what a daunting … Continue reading

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Fast food: on the fast track to environmental ruin

Tweet Where does your food come from? This is a question central to the Gordian knot of issues tangling together public health, environmental health, energy markets, and geopolitics. It is increasingly on the lips of “localvores” seeking to enhance both … Continue reading

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A climate for conflict

Tweet As the evidence for ongoing climate change has grown incontrovertible, there is increasing urgency to the question of what these changes hold in store for us.  Some wondered why Al Gore and the IPCC should be awarded the Nobel … Continue reading

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I propose a toast — even at the expense of scientific productivity

Tweet And now, as the Pythons say, for something completely different.  I realize that this is a bit peripheral to the mainsteam content of this blog but (as another famous person said), “I’m the decider”. In our profession of science, … Continue reading

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Declining ocean health: It’s the economy, stupid

Tweet I know, I used the same subtitle for another recent post.  But I’m not recycling titles out of laziness — well, not entirely anyway. I do so here to highlight the simple, yet perversely (and perhaps intentionally) misunderstood theme whose … Continue reading

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Marine biodiversity and food security

Tweet [Cross-posted from The Earth Portal, which includes images, FAQs, and a timeline] Harvesting of wild fish and shellfish from the oceans provides an important source of protein to earth’s population, particularly in the developing world, and is a major … Continue reading

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Can we afford to save the world?

Tweet The environmental problems the world faces are daunting.  One often hears that the economic costs involved in resource conservation, reforestation, transition to a new energy regime, and so forth are so high that solving them is simply too expensive. But … Continue reading

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