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In praise of maggots.

Tweet Now that’s what I’m talking about. The NYT has a great article about Doug Tallamy, a fellow ecologist at the University of Delaware who studies insects.  He and his wife are on a mission to reclaim their farm from aggressive … Continue reading

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The so-called Environmental Protection Agency

Tweet Interesting editorial in Nature today. It details a phenomenon that, sadly, is characteristic of this administration, thankfully now a lame duck.  I quote the editorial in full: The EPA’s tailspin The director of the Environmental Protection Agency is sabotaging … Continue reading

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The promise of biofuels: a lot of hot air?

Tweet I suppose we should have known it was all too good to be true.  What could be wrong with using plants for fuel?  They take carbon out of the air, so burning them up in the tank just puts … Continue reading

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Carnivals in town

Tweet Tired of sifting through the virtual world for interesting stuff? Blog carnivals in two pleasing, environmentally friendly colors are now online. Get your blue at Kate Wing’s blog, host this time around of the tenth monthly Carnival of the Blue, which … Continue reading

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A climate for conflict

Tweet As the evidence for ongoing climate change has grown incontrovertible, there is increasing urgency to the question of what these changes hold in store for us.  Some wondered why Al Gore and the IPCC should be awarded the Nobel … Continue reading

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Friday poetry 5: The Sycamore

Tweet [Editor’s note: This past weekend, driving home from the mountains of West Virginia, I saw groves of sycamores lining the river bottoms and along the creeks running down the hollows.  This poem, by one of the great American poets and … Continue reading

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To ski or not to ski, that is a question

Tweet A question that may soon be answered for us, at least in the southeastern USA. Now this may seem like a frivolous question (certainly not, you might argue, worthy of perverting Shakespeare), and in the grand scheme of things, yes, … Continue reading

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The coast ain’t clear

Tweet As global society begins to come to grips with the reality of climate change underway, and the James Inhofes of the world fade into obscurity or historical curiosity, the focus is turning slowly to the real work of figuring … Continue reading

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The new flight from Eden

Tweet Fresh air, wildlife, purple mountains’ majesty.  This country’s national parks have long been considered a jewel in the crown of American democracy — all accessible to anyone for a nominal charge or even for free.  And ever since ol’ Teddy … Continue reading

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Are nations obsolete?

Tweet Much of the political discourse we hear these days, on environmental as well as other topics, all the Byzantine complexity of geopolitical machinations and jockeying for position among countries at the UN or in Bali or wherever, calls to … Continue reading

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