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Friday poetry 5: Oh, Earth, Wait for Me

Tweet [Editor’s note: Few have employed the Spanish language so masterfully as Pablo Neruda.  I’ve often felt that an important incentive to improve my own rudimentary Spanish would be the ability to read and appreciate Neruda’s poetry in his native … Continue reading

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Friday poetry 5: The Sycamore

Tweet [Editor’s note: This past weekend, driving home from the mountains of West Virginia, I saw groves of sycamores lining the river bottoms and along the creeks running down the hollows.  This poem, by one of the great American poets and … Continue reading

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Friday poetry 3: The fish

Tweet [Note: Few poets, or others for that matter, have captured the essence of our life in the world as Mary Oliver has.  How will we live in harmony with the earth? There are no easy answers.] The fish Mary … Continue reading

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Friday poetry 2: The American bard

Tweet [Editor’s note: Walt Whitman — a cosmos, of Mannahatta the son —  was the first poet that got through to me.  Back in the day, when I was a young Philistine with no sense of art and the sophomoric sense … Continue reading

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Friday poetry 1: Wang Wei and the Three Gorges

Tweet [Editor’s note: There appears to be a growing trend among bloggers featuring some theme on Fridays, which I find an attractive idea. Therefore, on Fridays, the Natural Patriot will be featuring . . . poetry.  Why? Because poetry gets … Continue reading

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Ode to the endangered . . . house sparrow(?)

Tweet The BBC reports that a new list of British species in need of protection includes . . . house sparrows. The news comes from the UK’s new Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), the result of more than two years of research by … Continue reading

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