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Tweet [Henceforth, the series formerly know as Friday poetry shall be called Friday Soul, in recognition of the fact that I may at some stage elect to feature something other than poetry. But don’t be alarmed, I don’t see the … Continue reading

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Make of yourself a light

Tweet [Editor’s note: I can’t get enough of Mary Oliver. There are few poets, writers, or artists of any kind that so consistently make me catch my breath, that give me the sensation of suddenly falling away into a new … Continue reading

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Friday poetry: To the New Year

Tweet [Editor’s note: Admittedly we’re well into the new year, but it’s a new year for the Natural Patriot. We’ve heard from this volume by W.S. Merwin before, about which a reviewer has commented “Each of the 100-plus poems in … Continue reading

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The dormant land

Tweet The crops are sleeping. The creek is frozen. The trees are sleeping. The creatures are sleeping. Everything is waiting. Waiting patiently.

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Moving toward the light

Tweet [The solstice has turned and we are once again, as the poet would say, moving toward the light. A new year and a new decade, with all the hope and apprehension — the yin and the yang — inherent … Continue reading

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To days of winter

Tweet [The earth is beginning to wake up and stretch again.  So let’s savor the last breaths of the unique waning season before we move on. Number ten in a series.] To days of winter W.S. Merwyn Not enough has … Continue reading

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Here comes the sun

Tweet [In celebration of the recently passed Solstice and the dawning season of rebirth, number nine in a series, this the second from Mary Oliver. Food for thought in the holiday season, and always] The Sun Mary Oliver Have you … Continue reading

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Friday poetry: Your Catfish Friend

Tweet [Editor’s note: Shortly before we left California in 1994 and headed east to settle on Timberneck Creek in Tidewater, Virginia, where we remain to this day, I happened across the writer Richard Brautigan. He was from California, evidently, at … Continue reading

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Friday poetry: Cold Mountain

Tweet [Editor’s note: A millennium before Charles Frazier, before Jude Law and Nicole Kidman, there was the original “Cold Mountain”, a modest group of poems thought to have been authored by the mysterious hermit Han-shan, who scribbled them on rocks … Continue reading

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Friday poetry: The lone prairie

Tweet [Editor’s note: This week’s entry comes from Johhny Cash.  That’s right, the Man in Black. The song itself is, of course, an old traditional whose author has been lost to us.  The poetry in this piece comes in the prayer of … Continue reading

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