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In praise of maggots.

Tweet Now that’s what I’m talking about. The NYT has a great article about Doug Tallamy, a fellow ecologist at the University of Delaware who studies insects.  He and his wife are on a mission to reclaim their farm from aggressive … Continue reading

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A climate for conflict

Tweet As the evidence for ongoing climate change has grown incontrovertible, there is increasing urgency to the question of what these changes hold in store for us.  Some wondered why Al Gore and the IPCC should be awarded the Nobel … Continue reading

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As Garth would say, “Excellent!”

Tweet Top ten list – Excellent! I am honored to have received the Excellent blog award, bestowed after a rigorous screening and review process, and accompanied by a handsome prize consisting of the right to display proudly a small jpeg … Continue reading

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To ski or not to ski, that is a question

Tweet A question that may soon be answered for us, at least in the southeastern USA. Now this may seem like a frivolous question (certainly not, you might argue, worthy of perverting Shakespeare), and in the grand scheme of things, yes, … Continue reading

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I propose a toast — even at the expense of scientific productivity

Tweet And now, as the Pythons say, for something completely different.  I realize that this is a bit peripheral to the mainsteam content of this blog but (as another famous person said), “I’m the decider”. In our profession of science, … Continue reading

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The man who changed the world

Tweet 199 years ago on this day, the 12th of February 1809, a child was born in the town of Shropshire in the West English midlands, and grew up to change the world. Charles Darwin spent a unique life studying nature, with … Continue reading

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The new flight from Eden

Tweet Fresh air, wildlife, purple mountains’ majesty.  This country’s national parks have long been considered a jewel in the crown of American democracy — all accessible to anyone for a nominal charge or even for free.  And ever since ol’ Teddy … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Blue 9

Tweet . . . is now online.  Check it out at The Other 95%.  Among the usual intriguing flotsam, Kevin calls upon all ocean bloggers to use the power of the proverbial pen in 2008 to dedicate their writing to … Continue reading

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49 people who could save the planet

Tweet The list (of 50) is out at the Guardian.  There are a number of obvious choices (Al Gore, Wangari Maathai), a few oddballs (Cormac McCarthy? Say what? Leonardo di Caprio? Honestly.), and various ordinary and a few extraordinary unknown … Continue reading

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Happy green New Year

Tweet Allow me to join the venerable Archbishop of Canterbury in wishing everyone a Happy, and green, New Year.  The Archbishop has just released his New Year’s message to the faithful on, yes, YouTube (the times, verily, are a-changin’).  As reported by The … Continue reading

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