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I am a Natural Patriot and an ecologist with expertise in biodiversity and its importance to human society. My day job is Professor of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

In praise of dung beetles

Tweet Yes, I’ve previously sung the praises of maggots. And lightning bugs. And I stand by that. But there are legions of others of our humble brethren (is there a parallel politically correct, gender-neutral word? sistren? Never mind) out toiling … Continue reading

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1000 points of light

Tweet Man, the day job has been killing me — no time to dally at the Natural Patriot or anywhere else for that matter (cue violin music). Well, OK, we did go to see the Orioles-Red Sox game in Baltimore … Continue reading

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The disappearing Chesapeake?

Tweet The National Wildlife Federation has just released an important new report “Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Habitats of the Chesapeake Bay“, which provides the most detailed and comprehensive view yet of the likely impacts of climate change on specific habitats … Continue reading

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Herbert S. Zim: Natural Patriot

Tweet Over the last few weeks, while piddling around the project site (i.e., yard), pulling weeds, attempting to ferret out the invaders from the natives, puzzling over bugs, and pondering where I might site a small pond (and how to … Continue reading

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Escape from the evil empire

Tweet Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? After years — decades even — of resentful servitude to the Bill Gates colossus, after years of barely suppressed ridicule from my spouse who has been a Mac user … Continue reading

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May Day

Tweet I refer not to a panicked entreaty from a ship at sea, nor to the planned March in MacArthur Park, LA, regarding immigrants’ rights. Instead, I return to the original usage of the term, and offer warm wishes for the … Continue reading

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The Timberneck Biodiversity Restoration Project, Phase I

Tweet I’m excited to announce the inauguration of the Timberneck Creek Biodiversity and Habitat Restoration Project, Phase I. Although it has also been called, more prosaically, “cleaning up my yard”, I prefer to think about it in a larger context … Continue reading

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Live from EarthFest 2008

Tweet OK, not exactly live — It’s a day after the fact.  But who would have paid attention if this read: Yesterday from EarthFest! Yesterday I participated in EarthFest 2008, sponsored jointly by NASA Langley and Christopher Newport University here in … Continue reading

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Get ’em outside

Tweet Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  See also here to get involved. The US House of Representatives’ Education and Labor Committee is currently considering the No Child Left Behind Act (summary of the … Continue reading

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Got dirt?

Tweet [Editor’s note: This just in — and in time for Earth Day (barely). I reprint below an extract from the new, second edition of Richard Louv’s classic and inspirational book, Last Child in the Woods.  The new edition is … Continue reading

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