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I am a Natural Patriot and an ecologist with expertise in biodiversity and its importance to human society. My day job is Professor of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

A New Era begins

Tweet [I beg your pardon if this seems a bit over the top. They don’t let me out of my cage very much . . . and how often do we get a chance like this?] What a time to … Continue reading

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The big day

Tweet The big day has arrived at last (son: “Dad, will we still have to watch politics every night after the election?). I am on my way out the door to two meetings in Europe, plane leaving Philadelphia at 4:35 … Continue reading

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Getting to the root of the problem

Tweet Question: What is more fundamental to sustainability than fixing climate change, even more certain to lead to catastrophe if unfixed, far more politically sensitive, but even more essential to passing on a habitable planet to our grandchildren and their … Continue reading

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Swingin’ in Virginia

Tweet This weekend we drove back north to the ancestral homeland in Arlington, Virginia, for my high school reunion — I can’t bring myself to reveal which one it was except that it’s been quite some time. The return trip … Continue reading

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What could be worse than the global financial meltdown?

Tweet And you thought the mortgage crisis was bad . . . Even as people the world over perch on the edge of their chairs, chewing their fingernails in barely contained panic at the global financial meltdown, the BBC reports … Continue reading

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We have met the enemy . . . and they is us

Tweet Why is the world in the trouble that it’s in? We could cite a long litany of reasons, but ultimately it boils down to the large and increasing number of people on earth, and our large and increasing appetites, … Continue reading

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Handle with care

Tweet [This recent editorial in the journal Nature captures one of our central challenges as a global society so well that I quote the article here in full. The article refers specifically to a forest in Poland that is among … Continue reading

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Grading the presidential candidates in science

Tweet In the last few months we have learned a lot about John McCain’s heroic service and travails as a prisoner of war, about Barack Obama’s history on the streets of Chicago, and we are beginning to learn — with … Continue reading

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Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a Governor

Tweet There’s a little food for thought that crossed my radar screen recently. Our beloved television and cable media seem to have bit hook, line, and sinker on the GOP bait to make this election a high-school homecoming contest between … Continue reading

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Transportation: Toward a better place

Tweet Among the thorniest problems of transforming global society into a sustainable one is that of transportation. For general power needs of homes and industry, the technology already exists to generate electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar, albeit … Continue reading

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