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I am a Natural Patriot and an ecologist with expertise in biodiversity and its importance to human society. My day job is Professor of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

The Natural Patriot rides again

Tweet New package! Same great taste! Dear Friends, Faithful Readers, Passers-By, and Google search-bots, I’m back. In the saddle again, so to speak, after a few months of what I shall refer to as a sabbatical. I would like to … Continue reading

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Ashes to ashes

Tweet All things considered, I really can’t complain. I’m stuck in a hotel room thousands of miles from home, no way to get back to the family and normal life, with no end in sight. Looking at my last little … Continue reading

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Hail to the Chief

Tweet By God he’s got his mojo back. This health care debate has been a long and very bitter road. The level of nonsense, venom, and underhandedness arrayed against it has been truly unprecedented. And this young President has, understandably, … Continue reading

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The dormant land

Tweet The crops are sleeping. The creek is frozen. The trees are sleeping. The creatures are sleeping. Everything is waiting. Waiting patiently.

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Look upon me! I am one of the world’s leading 30 intellectuals, scholars, and scientists!

Tweet Ok, now that I’ve got your attention . . . It’s often struck me that, just as I am about to wander off and let the blog wither away to die a natural and dignified death, fading into obscurity … Continue reading

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Moving toward the light

Tweet [The solstice has turned and we are once again, as the poet would say, moving toward the light. A new year and a new decade, with all the hope and apprehension — the yin and the yang — inherent … Continue reading

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Autumn falling

Tweet Just now I felt the need, as I sometimes do, to just step outside and stand quietly for a while. Letting my breathing and heart rate ease into a quieter rhythm, allowing the soft breeze to wash away the … Continue reading

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The world with us

Tweet Alan Weisman recently published a book that got a lot of press attention for its novelty idea of considering The World Without Us — that is, what earth would look like if some unlikely event wiped out humans and … Continue reading

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Networking the Natural Patriot

Tweet One of these days I really have to write another real post, instead of sending out hat tips to other sites (as important as that is), rehashing my own posts under different cover, and other sleight-of-hand. But for the … Continue reading

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Ultimate Limits on the reef

Tweet Thanks to Ava at the Reef Tank web site for republishing the Natural Patriot’s post on “Approaching the Ultimate Limits“. You can find it here. For those of you interested in marine biology generally, and tropical aquaria in particular, … Continue reading

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