The big day

election2008.jpgThe big day has arrived at last (son: “Dad, will we still have to watch politics every night after the election?). I am on my way out the door to two meetings in Europe, plane leaving Philadelphia at 4:35 this afternoon. I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms about not being able to watch the blow-by-blow tonight while in the air (perhaps they’ll have the cheesy airport version of CNN on the plane for all the other junkies like myself). On the other hand I’m very intrigued at being able to see the immediate aftermath of the election from the other side of the pond. If time — and jet lag — permit, your ace correspondent will report on the election results from Portugal tomorrow. Stay tuned . . .

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I am a Natural Patriot and an ecologist with expertise in biodiversity and its importance to human society. My day job is Professor of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.
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6 Responses to The big day

  1. Flash says:

    Ho! Bama!, Hey! Bama!
    Bama, Bama, hey! Bama, ho!
    Bama hey! Baahhmaa!

    He wasn’t my choice, but I’m with the program.
    And strangely enough, I donated to him twice; talk about your unintended consequences!!

    Say “hi” to Europe for me, and advise as to charitable donation selection(s).



  2. OBAMA WINS! “If you will it, Dude, it is no dream.”

  3. Emmett Duffy says:

    Incredible! I was on the plane all night and missed all the fun — I feel like I slept through the World Series! (even though I didn’t sleep a wink). Just had a great conversation with the bartender here in Portugal — people are really excited.

    Flash, I’m guessing that the Republican party is going to need that donation to dust off and regroup. (Just like the Dems did in 2004, the pain is still fresh in my mind). Welcome aboard — years from now we can see we saw it happen.

    (Theodore Herzl, right James?)

  4. Flash says:

    Can’t do the RNC, while they may be pitiable, they ain’t charitable.


  5. Flash says:

    OK, absent charitable directive, I choose Spring Hill College, with the standard 50-50% split between the interests of the college and the acronym you created – S.H.O.R.E.S.


    P.S. If he wins again, you’d make Presidents Club!

  6. Emmett Duffy says:

    Flash, you are a fine gentleman. I concur with Spring Hill College. Did you notice that SHORES was mentioned (more than once if I remember right) in the latest alumni magazine that came this past week?

    If Obama wins again, I’ll donate to the charity of your choice. But we got a long way to go, and a treacherous road, before we cross that bridge . . .

    Hope you’re well.