Carnival of the Blue V

carnival_of_the_blue.jpgLadies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, and all the ships at Sea:

The fifth monthly episode of the “Carnival of the Blue“, hosted this time around by Jennifer Jacquet at Shifting Baselines, is now online and features a round-up of the past month’s news, views, arcane trivia, and just-plain-weird stories from the marine blogosphere.  Show your true blue oceanic colors and check it out.

P.S. In the midst of travel and the chaotic beginning of the semester and various other excuses with which I won’t bore you, it appears that I missed the occasion of the IVth installment of the Carnival of the Blue, hosted by Angelo Villagomez at The Saipan Blog — and my apologies to Angelo for the late referral.


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I am a Natural Patriot and an ecologist with expertise in biodiversity and its importance to human society. My day job is Professor of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.
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